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Rescue Wedge - Product Image

Rescue Wedge

About The Rescue Wedge

Made right here in the USA, The Rescue Wedge is a multi-purpose tool recently adopted in the fire service making a firefighter's job more efficient.

·Door Chock – When placed above the middle hinge, The Rescue Wedge prevents closure on the hose or search line.

·Spanner Wrench – The teeth of The Rescue Wedge acts as additional support in unscrewing pipes and hose couplings.

· Aid in Forcible Entry - The wedge is used to help stabilize the Halligan tool in a one-man forcible entry evolution.

· Specifications: At only .24 lbs, The Rescue Wedge is extruded from aluminum alloy. The tool is 4" long x 1.5" wide x.966" declining height.

 About the Founders Created by Austin area firefighters, Jared Ford and Wesley Porter, The Rescue Wedge serves as their contribution to the safety and effectiveness of firefighters worldwide.

Price:   $30.00 




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