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Majestic Halo Hood



HALO Hood is color blocked to show area were HALO particle filter fabric is located (GREY) fabric area contains the HALO particle filter fabric) HALO filter fabric is strategically placed to protect high exposure areas of the head and neck (areas that are not covered by the SCBA facepiece, helmet, and coat collar)

DESIGN Head Design Double Seam replaces traditional center seam Double Seam Area Width 4-5" (all measurements +5/ .5) Face Opening Area Ultra C6 rib knit material allowing for maximum stretch, ease of donning and doffing Back of Head (nape of neck area) Has elastic encapsulated in nape of neck area for contour fit (PATENT PENDING) Bib(Apron) Design Longer length, notched shoulder bib design

LAYERS GREY AREA=contains filter fabric 3 ply material (outer to inner) INT C6 GREY PW / HALO / INT C6 GREY PW BLACK AREA 2 ply material (outer to inner) Ultra C6 / Ultra C6

LENGTH OVERALL LENGTH 23" (all measurements +1 / -0)

FACE OPENING Full Face Opening Circular Measurement Sewn with a heavy duty 5/8" elastic. Elastic is encapulated in material and cover stitched Elastic Face Opening stretches to accommodate a circumference of at least 31" (800 mm) for ease of donning, snug fit, and propper seal with SCBA. Hood face opening retention shall have an average percentage retention of less than 110 percent BINDING Binding of same fabric material to enhance design with a finished look

SEAMS Thread: BLACK/TAN Safety lock cover stitch of seams Seam burst strenght tests are unsurpassed in industry - 2X or 3X NFPA minimum! AIT (ADVANCED INSPECTION THREAD) Hoods regularly have thread that matches the color of the hood (white on white / black on black). HALO hoods are sewn with contrasting thread color (TAN), which is especially important for inspection of gear. Any compromise to thread, seams, stitching is easily detected with AIT thread.

SIZING UNIVERSAL SIZE HALO hood has elastic in the back nape of neck area - which will stretch to accommodate larger head sizes. (PATENT PENDING) HALO hood has elastic in the back nape of neck area - which will reduce bulk of fabric ensuring a contour fit. (PATENT PENDING)

LABELING AND USER INFORMATION OWNER IDENTIFICATION On the label the area of PROPERTY OF: _________. Today every Majestic hood is manufactured with our NEW OWNER ID label. Simply identifying your ownership with any permanent marker, directly on label. Warning & User information Guide - each hood has a Warnings & Users Infromation Guide attached with imperative information. Please review before wearing. HALO hoods are embroidered with HALO logo-to ensure that when you want that filter fabric protection, at a quick glance you know it's there!!!!

CLEANING, PRECAUTIONS, AND STORAGE Machine wash only using regular detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach or detergents containing chlorine. Do not use fabric softeners or detergents containing fabric softeners. Water temperature not to exceed 130 degrees F. Do not wring hood. Squeeze hood to remove excess water. Shape and lay flat in a dry, cool, shaded location to dry. Or tumble dry, low heat. Do not commercially dry clean. Do not store your hood in direct sunlight.

CERTIFICATIONS NFPA 1971-2013 UL Certified Complies with CAL-OSHA Requirements Sections 3406 and 3410(d) and OSHA Rule 29 CFR Part 1910, 269


WARRANTY Your protective hood is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year. This warranty does not cover normal wear or unusual exposures, including abrasive wearing of close-tolerance accessories-such as voice amplifiers. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties or marketability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. MFA, Inc shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Material Content: 100% HALO Particle Filter Fabric

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