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2 Week Shipping on custom turnout!



Everyone wants gear available from stock for quick shipment. But everyone also wants their precise mix of options, materials, colors and custom options making it impossible to suit most departments with stock programs. That's why Fuego provides you with the first ever custom turnout builder online!

We can place your garment order into the automated production line “immediately” and customize with the exact mix of options YOU need and STILL ship in two weeks from receipt of your order!

Click a Material to Start Building Your Turnout Set:

Information about each material is listed below.





How to Order:

1. Pick your material

2. Choose your options

3. Place your order!






Click Here For Sizing Chart

Below are descriptions of the 3 pre-configured packages you can choose from:
Basic Master Elite
Reverse Hook & D w/ Velcro interior
Reverse Hook & D w/ Velcro interior
Reverse Hook & D w/ Velcro interior
Handwarmer Pockets
3" triple trim chest, back, & sleeves
3" Triple Trim - New York Placement
2" Solid Trim - Chest, back, & sleeves
Hem Patch w/ velcro
Extended Dead Air Panels
Hem Patch
3" Scotchlite sewn - avg 7 letters
Half Height Bellows pockets
2" Scotchlite Heat Set Letters - Avg 7 letters
Dead Air Panels
Handwarmer pockets in front of bellows
2" cuffs solid scotchlite
Half Height Patch Pockets
Radio pocket
Sewn on reinforced knees, cushioned
Radio Pocket
Mike tab above radio pocket
Bellows pockets
Mike Tab above radio pocket
Hem patch for name, with velcro
Heavy Duty Red Suspenders
BiFlex Knees
Firefighters last name, avg 7 letters
Bellows Pockets
Lanyard Flashlight clip, style #1
Angled pant cuffs
FDNY Metro DRD Package
Take-up straps
Removeable BiFlex Knees
Dyna-fit 8 point circle hardware
Bellows Pockets
Angled Pant cuffs
Set of 2 Take-up straps
Dyna-fit 8 point w/ Quick Adjust
2 Tone trim on Dynafit






Available Outer Shells

BPR-32xx – 7.5 oz Rip Stop,
Enhanced Water Repellency –
Bronze, Black 3 pic

Basofil® /Kevlar®
BPR-25xx – 7.5 oz Rip Stop,
Enhanced Water Repellency – Natural (Pale Yellow), Bright Yellow, Golden Brown, Black

Advance - Kevlar®/Nomex®
BPR-14xx– 7.0 oz Rip Stop,
Standard Water Repellency
Black, Yellow, Rust, Navy, Khaki, Gold

Nomex IIIA®
BPR-24xx– 7.5 oz Duck, Standard
Water Repellency
Natural, Navy, Black, Tan, Yellow, Royal Blue, Red


Available Thermal Liners

Nomex® Batt Light
BPR-xx0x– 7.2 oz – 3.4 oz Spun Nomex® Facecloth
w/ 3.8 oz Light Kevlar® Batt
(70% garneted, 30% virgin)

Nomex® Batt Heavy
BPR-xx2x– 9.4 oz –
3.4 oz Spun Nomex® Facecloth
w/6.0 oz Heavy Nomex® Batt

BPR-xx3x – 7.9 oz –
3.4 oz Spun Nomex® Facecloth
w/3 Layers of E89 Spunlace – 4.5 oz

Nomex® Semi-Slick
(War Time Replacement)
BPR-xx7x – 7.7 oz (replacementliner for xx1x) –
3.9 oz Caldura Facecloth with lightweight Aralite Batt

Available Moisture Barriers

BPR-xxx2 – 5.0 oz
1.8 oz Crosstech® on 3.2 oz Nomex® Pajama Check Facecloth

RT7100® from W.L. Gore
BPRxxx0 – 4.2 oz
1.2 oz PTFE on Approximately 3.0 oz Nomex® E89 Spunlace